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 “Since its premiere in 1996, the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical has become a source of joy and strength for millions.”

Rent the Musical, Nina M. Foster -Crimson Staff Writer

The show boasts gigantic, full-body, human-operated puppets, shadow puppets and pole puppets that work in harmony with the ingenious lighting, sets, costumes (the flower costumes felt phoned in, though) and makeup to create stunning optical illusions and theater magic.”

The Lion King

Sheri Flanders – For the Sun-Times

“This is one of the best-looking movies in some time… On the level of voluptuous visual beauty, it works if you simply regard it. The women are beauties, their world swims in silks and tapestries, smoke and mirrors, and the mysteries of hair when it is up vs. hair when it is down.”

Memoires of a Geisha

Roger Ebert