Policy: Delivery, Refunds, Returns, Subscriptions, Privacy


Delivery, Privacy, Refunds, Returns, Subscriptions


Delivery for nondigital media also known as tangible products: 3 to 10 business days. Digital media (software tech tangibles) within 5 minutes to 24/48 hours. For any questions, concerns and comments contact Customer Service e-mail: info@leafrustlesbutiq.store

Refunds & Returns

Returns: please be sure you need what you buy before making your purchase. No refunds will be provided. The general rule is established to unencouraged abuse of the federal government, USPS stamps (prices), shippers, couriers, delivery persons and government. There is a 30-day return policy only for physical media when the items are damaged and returned right away. There are no refunds. Please be sure to take pictures and include them with any contact message.

Subscription Service

Subscriptions: the subscription service is based on what you select to consume. Be sure you need what you select.  You select from the terms and conditions provided that best suits your needs.  There are no refunds.  Note, there is a “Donation” selection too, so you’re not bound by a subscription service. Have fun with your subscription.  


Under no circumstances will your information be shared, sold nor traded in the USA, Europe, nor any country internationally.