Fun Blogg Rules (Includes Rules of Logic)

Blogg Fun rules, Rules of Logic & “Press Review How to”

Blogg: Please be courteous, kind and respectful or others’ opinions. The Blogg is created for entertainment purposes. If you are offended by anything, step back, give it a moment, give it a day. Do not reply or carefully choose your words. Enjoy the blog. I’ll provide non examples and good examples on how to reply. Again, this is for entertainment only. However, do keep in mind that the rules of logic are observed for writing, education, law, healthcare etc. With entertainment and comedy when the rules are broken it’s often for entertainment, there’s an emphasis or comedic punch line you are expected to comprehend. I don’t like it, can’t stand it etc. Not really the best response.

Instead: This is just not my cup of tea. I’ve had better days. “Not for all the tea in China.” Every garden has its bench, crown/wreath and pinecones. I’m not about a sconce. This biscotti is just not for me. Bad happenstance. I’ve had my share of tacos. Wow, grammar and carbs. Somehow, I became a cybernaut. I think I may need another piece of gum. How do you say nurssah or doctora in Spanish. How about whu’rada…non example…. Or MIS? Jest the pro’gramma (communist). These too are used for comedy. What about military? Why are they called BATs, after attending obviously, VET schule? Should I be wiping my shoes around here? Any matts? Why is the post military a flying school of cheap rompteras? Post military picking? Was the job over?

Follow the Rules of Logic (also known as Laws of Reasoning) and Free Thinking. The rules follow below. When you don’t follow any Rules of Logic and are not kind, courteous nor respectful you may instead be reported, investigated and blocked. The rules of logic not to break follow. Fallacy means an untruth, a lie, a white lie, misleading, bad argument, not true, not real, quite visionary and unreal.

Ad hominin: the goal is rather disrespect. The attack instead, the character of the person and not the topic or theme at hand. Name calling is one example. You’re a smoker, obviously you’re not a scientist nor healthcare worker. Zealots are often culprits.

Ad Hoc: providing one generalized solution to everything. Since it worked for every single project then it must work for this particular project. The scientific method often does this in its rough draft period before investigative research. However, you might also find the mistakes during trial period and within the cohorts and the placebos etc. Examples are holistic, homeopathic and naturopathic methods for healing. Co-Enzyme QA works for the hart. Take biotin for skin, hair and nails. Or with Western Medicine, don’t use iodized salt, avoid pasta and cheese, breakfast cereals are bad, don’t drink orange juice nor consume citrus, table sugar is bad etc. Mint, wintergreen and peppermint are obviously sugars bad for a diabetic. Just avoid sugar, carbs and eat salads; while neglecting the point gains from consuming fish, seafood and some limited crustaceans (snails). Madrassas use this method for brainwashing and creating legistlation against other citizens.

Hasty Generalization: an assumption that because you’ve experience 1 or 2 concepts therefore it’s true for the whole category. Stereotypes is a perfect example. You see a doctor, healthcare worker, insurance agent or banker, instead you assume they must be rich or need to be rich. All Americans are rich, eat hamburgers, host barbecues drink beer and drive large cars. This is utterly fallacious/false. Barbecues and alcohol are known to cause cancer, like chimneys and smoking.

Equivocation: using a phrase or idiom that means one thing but instead you mean another or the opposite. The intent to deceive, confuse or mislead. A white lie is an example. 70% of Americans are middle class. That wouldn’t be true with any economic scenario ever in the USA. There have never been enough jobs to sustain anything in the USA. For rights of man to work, the state is invaluable. Not really, first everyone in the state must create a Yield Policy for each other and this doesn’t include the state but it’s a safety measure.

Mercy or Argument Pity: The poetry is magnificent. The public was moved by the poet’s choice of words and visuals, and thus a fan exclaimed full of emotion, “the work is absolutely adorable” while working with a hanky to brush off tears. Frequently, “Women are not paid equitable wages.” This may not be true because a pay or wage is negotiated with an employer based on education and often experience. Men are heads of households and thus Knights in Satin for the household, he must pay and offer to pay for everything. Damsel in distress, “that’s a man’s responsibility” or the man is obviously the culprit because women are weak, subservient, have low wages, vulnerable etc. The first issue is that in a free society, everyone is expected to pull an equal weight and also hold a job. A home office is very inexpensive to upkeep for most who know what they are doing, for example. “I need the scholarship because I’m poor and my parents can’t afford it and didn’t go to school.” Being poor doesn’t explain what attributes you will add to that job or school, doesn’t explain your experience in that field of work or subject matter etc. It certainly doesn’t explain how you will improve the alumni population. After all, when you graduate, who will help other students just like you. Schools are not well funded fact of the matter. “We need the talented.” This often encourages not hiring those with most experience, education and often excludes civilians from being hired or the uneducated: 10% must be uneducated as in not from higher learning while achieving a degree and higher education while working, often called at work, school within a school.

Bandwagon: very illegal when voting. You can lose your right to vote when participating in an assembly whose goal is everyone will vote the same exact ticket. It’s true because everyone assumes it’s true. Even the illiterate do not vote in that manner. Tabloids, fashion and sports are perfect example in media. It’s also called the herd mentality. This means that because everyone watches a play, reads a best seller, buys the same movie ticket or reads the tabloids, then one must do the same and the content is enjoyable, true, de facto very pleasing and entertaining. Buying a ticket to the movies because everyone says it’s a great movie. La Jaconde is beautiful because The Louvre Museum sold many tickets this year. Teamwork and Team Spirit with tort and criminal acts fall under this category or for taking credit for a job. Madrassas use this means of litigation or legislation proposal.

Opinion, taste etc. Opinions and matters of taste are not really meant to be argued. This may also be known as damage control: curating fashion, getting a stylist, getting a public relations specialist etc. La Mona Lisa is a great piece of art. Esthetics are not really meant to be argued at all, it’s an opinion or personal taste. Yet, we’ll all run to the Louvre, buy a ticket to be sure we have participated and viewed the work (Bandwagonning too), will visit often The Louvre to be sure we don’t miss The Mona Lisa with each visit.

Ad Nauseum/Ad Infinitum: I often use “…blah, blah…others use “and so-on.” These two indicate the subject is tired, exhausted, it ended a long time ago. Ad Nauseum means going being the call of duty, to talk about an exhausted topic or question the topic or ask questions about the obvious. You’ll see court cases attempting to exploit profoundly and deeply a verdict, sentence and the documented data after the case has closed to be sure, the offender is not an innocent victim. Most will never be innocent victims, however, there are a few exceptions, mistrials, loopholes and contacts. A filibuster is an example of a delay by congress members to put off any decision making. This is also known as being passionate about a subject often when the director or producer goes above and beyond the topic and is passionate, he/she may instead deliver Ad Nauseum and the critics will provide the details often with a review. The Passion of Christ an example along with Rent (with Rent, too much content delivered by the movie in one film).

Cherry Picking: taking something out of context, blowing it out of proportion, the “needle in the haystack syndrome.” Not the “Birds Eye View.” 70% of the population are really smokers when considering smog, hair spray and the depleted ozone layers. Only gays get Monkey Pox a social contact disease. An STD is caused by having intercourse. Madrassas use too this means of litigation or legistlation proposal.

Hyperbole: An exaggeration. “If you buy me the toy, I will live happily ever after.” Usually, the content of most fairy tales when most miss the nutritional values they often contain. During professional sports, the announcer will exclaim, that the whole game and series depends on one player. How does Snow White or Cinderella work or make a living in the forest or the Castles with fairy tales. For the sake of the “Happily Ever After, all content is ignored and place within the context of dating, romance, engagement, love and marriage. Nothing about medieval times is addressed, how to feed the masses, the agricultural department, professions etc. In fact there is no, agricultural department and definitely no cabinet nor military to protect that fortress called castle. How many respiratory disorders do the dwellers suffer from due to the dust given off as spores from the walls of the castle. What dermatological issues might be presented. Why do rats and birds serve as personal tailors? The panoramic view depicts a bunch of trees, that must be the Black Forest, the Black Forest has a witch that lives there from Hansel and Gretel. The Prince lives inside an Armour? Is that like Balloon disease? There’s a witch in all forests across the world.

Authority: in this method the skillful con, will attempt to claim he/she is a guardian or should be trusted or is the owner of for Work materials. For Work materials are only done for owners of business and their families which must bring continuity to the business…so pillaging and looting of rights and assets are often confused with the authority fallacy. If your business is a park, you may not own the movie that belongs to the author. The star that doesn’t need a guardian or parent that is munchouser that would like to serve as a guardian etc. A Corporation may not own anything really, that’s the bottom line. Same with most businesses. All assets remain in the custody of the author or inventor etc. even with engineering when one person has done most of the work. Here to divergence gets lost, any similar work that is from another work remains in the hand of the author of the original work. Ghosting is not really this format either. A seal of approval nor logo doesn’t mean you own anything, it means you are selling something with that logo, it doesn’t mean you designed the materials nor item being sold nor invented them. A lawyer or judge is engaged in treason when ruling against property and its rightful owner besides being an abuser and criminal. Madrassas use this means of litigation or legistlation proposal, they are the religion, the values and the morals of society to go against other citizens of whatever creed, handicap etc.

Argumentum Ad Vere Authority: This is often used by those attempting to establish a brand, logo or influence. Even better yet in homeopathy, western medicine, holistics, naturopathy, pharmacology etc. The ad or commercial may contain a celebrity, first responder, preacher, veteran, military, parent, coach, trainer, witness etc. This may include an authority bias, false witness, blind witness, Non witness or the sale of a persona (any of the above, their role is a persona, same with character roles with actors or models) etc.

Ad Lib: to improvise to make it up as you go. It’s often the way we talk daily, yes, daily discourse. A comedian talking to an audience member. A preacher delivering a sermon. An actor with forgotten lines or who is bored may instead deliver content not from the play. A plug by the actor or a line that is funny yet adapted to his character role. This too is a technique used by cons or those that claim to be fast, as in to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes or sweep the nooks and crannies under the rug instead of sweeping. However, what’s a vacuum cleaner? Anyone who speaks, uses this method of speaking because everything can not be planned out.

Ignoramus/Temp: Also known as latent. A judge and lawyer that completely ignores the law, jurisprudence, the client, the rights of clients, so they can get paid for irrelevant matters not associated with the case, or to engage in identity fraud under the table etc. Loopholes is another name for this fallacy. This will create a victim and often times is against the law and can be categorized as treason when used against a citizen. Also known as Cena Culo. Ignoramus difficult to recognize with the rules of logic since everyone is expected to do average or their best and some will work none at all. This method is used for heists or to justify why the PHD works more, is or is not an authority, to explain why none will hire the PHD nor pay for his work (same concept with artists, dramaturge, comedians etc. and the word “like”). Claiming that a novel, movie, poetry or work is outdated and doesn’t deserve just payment. Temp means, there is no delivery at all of content or work through measurable methods, that often exclude communication methods, improvement strategies and thus it’s an ignoramus, a passive aggressive reaction. None can witness the loss. It may often involve band wagoning or societal schizophrenia aka band wagoning. Often called buying more pencils and paper than you need or not buying them at all. The purport, since none can prove that the sun is not blue, therefore it’s blue. Playing “l’aveugle.” Pretending you are blind, deaf and mute, the masses do the same.

House Rules/Chivo: This means that along the way the rules of the game are changed to house rules often not legal or varying (much like a stereotype) where most are not familiar with the house rules (the rules are obscure). This might happen with sports, board games, game shows, the court, jurisprudence, the military, legistlation, propositions for legistlation etc.

Pocketbook or Cost: this means that you perhaps won a game under illegal means through bad money management, plagiarism, bad editing, upstaging, gambling, sports, house rules, upstaging, presence etc. Therefore, you are the winner of the loot, boot and stamp. Movies get stamps, from major companies with no investments at all often they are poster companies. However, these poster companies will pretend to own rights to the movie and author who will never be paid. Lawyers too do not own anything, nor can they manage without the owner, author. Often happens with boxing matches, or world series games, publishing etc. The assumption that something that worked well no longer has value to mismanage banking, works, insolvency by the drag race winner etc. This may also be known as racing, winning “livre de poche” or “not knowing the rules of the internet.”

Cause-Effect: the cause an effect is not related (these are also low functioning presumptions or survival mode). A male doctor is more likely to offend, than a female doctor. A female nurse is more nurturing than a male nurse). A male teacher is less trained than a female teacher. When I play my favorite numbers, I’m most likely to win, in particular with my birthdate and social security numbers. Only every other Wednesday, will I ever get the best coupons. Only my coupon app, gets me the best discounts.

Circular Reasoning: using the same argument to arrive at a conclusion. Or defining a word using the same word. Buy Dog Food Canine. It’s good and delicious for your Dog. Dog Food Canine, Good and Delicious for you Best Friend Dog. There are no supporting claims presented besides good and delicious.

Dilema or Paradox Reasoning: Presenting an argument with extremes while ignoring the general possibilities and permuations in between. A Stack of Card is 52 Deck, a magician will prove to you, you’ll always get the King of Harts or the Queen of Spades. World Hunger can be solved today, when you make a donation. Notice this didn’t address the countries incapacity to create a farming market, agricultural department; it also doesn’t address importation issues, nor issues that are cured by vaccines. In capacity to create, jobs, schools etc are also not addressed in the country with lots of freedom to loiter, a crime in most countries. The billionaire neighborhoods get even larger with their allies. Celebrities, military generals and soldiers are now too practically billionaires along those in healthcare with the flu. Strategic poverty, middle class, coincidentally rich with madrassas and religion that expect their socio-economic wealth while neglecting poverty over personality. This to amass an elect, toths or poverty (vows of chastity where you give your wealth to the brochures delivered to other countries).

Correlation, Induction Fallacy Anecdotal: these are three different fallacies or untruths, one associates without cause and effect. When you cough more than 3 times in one day, sneeze twice and are too social, you have Covid. Monkey Pox only affects non hetero. Wall Street Closed today on great terms obviously we collected surplus taxes. This too may be an induction fallacy or anecdotal. Anecdotal strives usually to imbibe with a story, fairy tales and princesses, prince and knights are great correlation, induction and anecdotal fallacies. The bitcoin industry is heavily anecdotal. When you read below a list follows with pictures and names of those that have followed the same method. Or marketplace with online investments or sales.

Middle Ground Detente Fallacy: very popular to avoid war and it works or it fails miserably. Picking a neutral solution or middle ground and negotiating that over going to war, an embargo etc. This is fallacious because the whole banking system too could’ve failed or the credit system or the gold bar system along with not addressing failed trade issues and both sides of the cabinet. This also excludes trafficking of goods and services, money dumping and internal turmoil or quality of life. Notice no country addresses quality of life really nor look for means to improve the genie/GDP of their corresponding country of interest without much effort, replacing all old appliances along improves quality of life and the country’s GDP along with improving construction and creating surplus.

Splitting Hair Fallacy: trying to find a difference or compare/contrast when there is actually no difference at all. Comparing the Cow to the Bull. Feminism Argument. The White Majority Argument. White Priviledge Argument. The Thirds World County Argument. The backyard or front yard argument. The Minority Argument. The Immigrant Argument. The New Combers Argument. The New Kids on the Block Argument. The Womens Go First Argument. All of these can be argued back and forth, and assumes and presumes there are no nonbinaries, nor shares qualities between the phenotypes etc. It attempts to disprove that we are more different than alike. The scholarship argument.

How to Write a Review

A review can be easily written for any purpose when you keep the following in mind: make it brief, high interest, get to the point, be concise, write about what capture your attention, maintained your interest and what’s unique about the work, play, song film/movie. Most professionals can do this in one solid paragraphs with several sentences. For social media, a review is more like a book club. It can take the form of a video, Blogg or forum. For anyone else, it may be a note or letter. You be the judge. What to include? How about what you enjoyed, liked most, liked least, any illogical and fallacious material (keeping in mind, taste is an opinion and works are fictional), how and why it’s influence you, how you have grown from the experience etc. In general, an attention getter or many of them, a summary and opinion.

You can submit the critique below using the “CONTACT” button. For any media like short videos essay/forums, be sure to edit the content. Keep it under 5 to 10 minutes, 5 minutes can be very long. The ideal video critique would be 30 seconds to 1 minute max or 3 minutes long, much like a song. You may submit directly to the following e-mail: Have fun!

Thanks Evan Thompson for the reminder. While I don’t agree with each fallacies title name (I learned them a long time ago) as presented, you’ve done a great job with presenting the subject matter. Thanks. 15 Logical Fallacies You Should Know Before Getting Into A Debate (

Thanks Karla Hesterberg for the review: I do feel some could be combines for the sake of simplicity, however for the advance it may be worth splitting hair. 16 Common Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them (