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How to Write a Review

A review can be easily written for any purpose when you keep the following in mind: make it brief, high interest, get to the point, be concise, write about what capture your attention, maintained your interest and what’s unique about the work, play, song film/movie. Most professionals can do this in one solid paragraphs with several sentences. For social media, a review is more like a book club. It can take the form of a video, Blogg or forum. For anyone else, it may be a note or letter. You be the judge. What to include? How about what you enjoyed, liked most, liked least, any illogical and fallacious material (keeping in mind, taste is an opinion and works are fictional), how and why it’s influence you, how you have grown from the experience etc. In general, an attention getter or many of them, a summary and opinion.

You can submit the critique below using the “CONTACT” button. For any media like short videos essay/forums, be sure to edit the content. Keep it under 5 to 10 minutes, 5 minutes can be very long. The ideal video critique would be 30 seconds to 1 minute max or 3 minutes long, much like a song. You may submit directly to the blog. Have fun!