Blend& Cosmetics

A Professional Makeup Brand by A&D.

David Flecha is proud to release Blend& (Blenda) Cosmetics, A Professional Makeup Brand by A&D at your fingertips. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to enjoy the beauty, glamour looks of the stars, rich, famous, those in the communications media and major motion picture films.

Blend& Cosmetics: “Blenda” by A&D, a professional makeup kit for daily use, glamour, formal events, social events, the studio, selfies and film. Blend& keeps up with current trends and technology in the makeup industry to provide influencers, social media, makeup professionals, models, public figures and TV personalities quality durable professional makeup that is moderately priced.

Blend& meets makeup standards and demands. It’s
paraben free, cruelty free, using the best clean high-quality ingredients and formulas in the market.
These high-tech ingredients and formulas are the
latest advances that will get you the beauty look you
strive for, or the glamour look desired for any event.
Blend& is a high-performance makeup with medium
to high coverage: you decided when applying the
makeup how much coverage and layers to apply. The quantity provided in the kit will last 3 to 6 months.

Blend& Cosmetics Professional Makeup KIT: What stands out the most about The Blend& Cosmetics brand is the HD Perfection and the quality of moisturizing ingredients. The formula is absolutely fabulous.

1 Lipstick .10 oz`
1 Lip Pencil .14 oz
Moisturizer 1.7 oz
Face Primer 1 oz
Tint Moisturizer 1.7 oz
Liquid Foundation 1 oz
Liquid Eyeliner .15 oz
Eye Cream .5 oz
Waterproof Mascara .26 oz
Volumizing Mascara .26 oz
Mineral Blush .14 oz
Loose Foundation .31 oz
Bronzer .42 oz
Highlighter .42 oz
Mineral Foundation .42
Body & Hair Coconut Oil

Please provide your preference:
Skin Type: 1 to 6 from the Fitzpatrick Scale
Skin Tone: neutral, warm (beige, brown undertones)
or cool (blue/green undertone).
Lipstick: Viniard Sparkling Rouge, Bronze Gold,
Sour Apple Red, Coral Salmon Pink, Smoked Golden Ginger, Pearl Glitz Brassie Violet, Peach, Pink, Deep Lila, Dark Spruce Lilac, Licorice Delish Rouge, Violet

Special Requests: you may include them with your order or send an email.

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