Notebook Covers

You may be wondering about the Notebooks and their covers. The notebooks are all PDF files. Yes, they are notebooks.

The notebook covers are picture illustrations that I thought would be interesting for learning while also being associated with social media, vocational and online school.

I did take extensive courses in math, another in design and one 6 weeks Drafting Course, therefore I included a Graph Paper Notebook. Graph paper can be used for anything, drawing, drafting, sketching, doodling etc. Today often times, graph paper is not used in art, nor for technical writing and often reduced to advanced math courses. My printer may require graph paper someday, who knows? I do know it’s essential yet never used in scientific courses. It’s often ignored in required scientific math courses. It’s pretty sad I must draw a line at an angle on a blank sheet of paper or lined paper. Worst yet, read a cardiology diagram on blank paper. Graph paper was also used in dermatology to measure and even evaluate skin conditions, even papier mâché.

I do enjoy movies. Part of making movies great, social media, selfies and theater is knowing how to apply makeup professionally, knowing how to sell it or advertise. I include an image I call Whimsical Colors, that too may be an image with history background sooner related to dermatology. I did include two hues, a light and darker image. In addition, for those learning about makeup or that need frequent reminders or a source of reference, I included a Color Corrector Cover. I do wish I had that cover while going through professional makeup. That is possible online.

The networks and social media cover I think are self-explanatory. We do live in a new world with access to all kinds of important information all at the touch of a button or QRS Code scan. I do think social media is essential and important for advertising, marketing, communication, public relations, sales, education, shopping etc.

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