Release of Titles

A release of a title rides many objectives. The first objective would be the author makes ends meet. Obviously, the publishing industry too is looking out for it’s best interest.

I will however, detail some of the money laundering and trafficking that happens with the public domain (often due to several madrassa states (colonies, territories or neighbor) or more than several many, all engaged in publishing by chance and per chance a concept that assumes authors are slaves, in particular white or white Hispanic author or those with Hispanic or Spanish sir names yet are not of Hispanic heritage and sooner may be a Non Native person whom has never seen a Spanish nor Hispanic speaking country. There is a lot of assumption by “the barren wreath,” beside decorous.

I’ll define madrassa. Madrasa is an illegal form of assembly because religion is politicized. The goal of the assembly, body or corps passed off as a religion is never to engage in madrasa tactics to create sabotage en grand mass. Allegiance to the state for whatever reason is not their goal, nor is peace the goal. Notice the recent events in Europe the last being in France and often in Paris inside a church venue where the Priest has nothing to do with madrasa, France is a wordily state, also known as mundane. Separation of church and state is maintained.

The goal of a madrasa is to engage first and foremost in feuding, sabotage, confusion, catering to the mal-adroit, engage at war with local government, the federal government in as many ways and methods as possible to pretend we’re living in Jericho or a pile of manneure, samething. This is schizophrenia at its best. It is paranoia, even if a madrasa religion attempts to pass for working as first responders. This does also sound like cults in the military, don’t just blame religion because madrasa the word makes a reference to religion. The filigree’s, the loyal or believers too may be former military. In other words, when your term is over your job is finished. Pretending you will retire from the military could be an effortless decree or endeavor, indulgence of the mentally impaired or psychotic lest the addicts.

The issues are many. You will run into publishers that think that an author must and should turn over their original content, because the publisher is the authority. On that note, the author is then the dog and the wretched beggar, the sinner the mook and not the meek. Publishers are so paranoid they’d like to assume to pretend ownership of American or English grammar, content like Mark Twain. Much was stolen to the tunes of billions even into this era, using the public setting and public schools.

There is no plan except, “I need to read the book first.” That demarcates and labels negotiation on their part a mental emergency. They’ll pretend there is no guarantee the book will be published because of quality. There is not enough of a marketing and advertising plan or way too much and way too many methods since it’s all thrown back into the author’s lap as their responsibility. All well and good and one sided. Connery….

What the law states in the USA, plenty of precedence to back it up. The book remains property of the author. If the publisher wants to assume management, they must pay for the copyrights to the author, exposure and season: like a lease that is often a written contract for a year or two or 8 years, regardless of the name and stature of the author. The eight-year contract then being an issue because everyone will sit for 8 years subtract two, the first two years that produced sales. After year two, the eight-year contract is pretty much worthless. Whatever contract one chooses, it only allows permission to manage and never to misrepresent, nor misguide anyone the three contingent reasons (and contract) also being breach of contract despite the loop hops or hoops. None of it means, the publisher will pretend to pay for an ISBN and barcode and QRS etc. to pretend they’ve engaged in a legitimate contract because the book is less than 100 pages, or the book is more than 100 pages, or the book is not required an ISBN or the books is provided with an ISBN free of charge. Or worst yet, the publisher can decide the price of your book based on subscription matters they didn’t pay by exposure and through demand and those continue to be two separate payments. Confusing the point is rather moot.

The law and precedence also state that publishing and printing doesn’t’ really go above and beyond 1% of the total price. The author must be paid in addition to his work for marketing and advertising. That’s about ninety-nine percent. One percent is quite a profitable venture.

What we get today is rather a farce: you the author get all the royalties, keep all your rights: notice the publisher hasn’t payed for negotiating the contract, for the copyrights, permission to publish, exposure of the title, consumption and debut/primetime (3 to 6 months and it too depends on the season of the year where readers read less and most) to name a few criterias. This does mean all publishers today are engaged in illegal tender/currency, money laundering, trafficking and underground trading; all the payments then get lost and crossed in the process of the author is never paid be it by the music industry, film industry, employer (whom confuses for work, there’s nothing for work unless the employee is owner of the business, employees don’t qualify for work anything), publisher or online industry that manages behind the scenes of the music or film industry etc., lest the madrassa to evidence the ascendance, sequence of nirvana. Ignore not the employer’s mainframe, obviously perfect and not responsible for anything while all programmers engage in hacking. These programmers assume teachers nor lawyers, any teacher of any subject matters is not a programmer or a writer or whomever speaks a language. Sure, they’re an engineer too. What is a lawyer?

The author composer with subscription, online/bookstore space and marketing doesn’t get paid for any of these modalities to have access (consumption, exposure, the title, debut, prime time, season, the location, the drop shipping, marketing, advertising and traffic that will draw in the crowd) to the book’s for drop shipping locations, by demand and season. Season may be described like the fashion or movie industry: debut, prime time, peak season, low season, first 6 months after the release and debut, 2nd/3rd release or one or two years later etc.

At one point in time I was wondering, why would a town with 10 citizens have 10K lawyers living in the same town, all living inside one government building with less square footage than the manger, an Inn, a shed or a small barn.

Please reply, if you are a lawyer with enough experience and know how. Why is the whole intention to make an author starve, to engage against state warfare, go against a citizen, engage in feuding and treason. Obviously, I’m not going to create an open question for any lawyer already engaged in treason. Notice, a lawyer is in a ship as a career, when one fails, they all thrash miserably. Hence the right to represent oneself.

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