For Music Lovers (Forruré)

For all music lovers out there. Let’s start with the word “forruré”. Forruré, means fur: you are covered, a “cover me,” a “sarong,” a “wrap,” a “taffeta,” you’re not left alone in the dark nor jaded.

Disclosure: If you’re vegan or vegetarian or PETA, vegan fur or vegetarian fur, well faux fur has been with us now since the 70’s.

If you must know, I’ve caved in and published a book with multimedia and music. Yes, I know. I said I wouldn’t do so. You can find the evidence, a white lie, in a previous blog.

Like “a bat out of hell,” it’s been released.

Who is going to stop the drama in social media. I most certainly didn’t create it. Nor intended for music to turn into my strongest point, a forté. I wouldn’t even say it’s my strongest point. However, music does surround us more than ever when compared to films. In the past, you’d walk into a store and couldn’t even hear a pin drop: an empty vacuum with lots of “prets a porter” products, pretty packaging wraps, labels and sometimes discounts. One would sooner be surrounded mostly by music DVDs for sale, movies over music.

I do think access makes for great marketing and advertising. However, music is not the news. Music makes for great ambiance, mood etc. for any commercial location. Notwithstanding, are DJ’s getting paid for compiling the music for the location? Who is the distributor providing the music, it cannot be the radio station. Who created the platform? Is the platform making ends meet? There are many laws that surround what type of music can be played publicly and it does entail a subscription and a license for both distributor and the end user, the commercial location, public location, choir, vocalist or church group.

Even for a public review at church, school or wherever, a license and permission from the author is required or it’s breach of copyrights law. You don’t get permission because of mental health reasons, because you’re impersonating a prophet that didn’t exist nor does exist or because you’d are a social climber anticipating your social class (band or group of social climbers) might improve or benefit in some way or another under the tabla ronde. Given the condition, I say seek mental health services right away, and addiction is a serious condition, it also drains national resources and creates endless hassars for anyone including the addict that is now low functioning. It’s called trafficking, money laundering and disheveling of resources. I think the confusion comes when many think that higher learning is built upon the critique of a work. That would be incorrect most works are fictional. Why would you critique a fantasy.

I’m not the law, I didn’t create the rules nor legislate them, however, DJ’s and music distributors (platforms), also rarely make a living because they sell subscriptions like trainers, magazines, the newspaper or an app. The author composer didn’t make ends meet, all said and done the Singer and Music Company are Fat Cat Barrons not politicized enough unlike the rat.

Customers appreciate great taste in music, hence the realm or industry called commercial elevator music. I think these are the origins. These are references to BIR Butterfly Kisses Smoke Screen A Singular Journey.

You may want to consider Caring Doe & Cerfs Santa Clause. It’s a wonderful letter to Santa. It’s accompanied by several multimedia picture illustrations. The book is also intended as a Vocal and Orchestra Repertoire and Reference for Christmas Music in English, French, Italian and Spanish with some German and Greek included. You’ll also find titles of my authorship. Most of the titles are English, the language we speak followed by Spanish and French.

There you go, what you were anxiously awaiting, a “bowl full of jelly.” Again, it’s a reference book. In other words, the book doesn’t include music videos nor music clips. Social media you can use to find and listen to the music. Do keep in mind there is no such thing as Public Domaine. Domaines are private property.

Review: you can use the contact button or reply to this Blogg. Please let me know if you like the titles I have included with the book. It’s randomly selected (fine line, nonlegal jargon terminology), very carefully selected, intentionally, consciously and not an all-inclusive list but quite lengthy. I do hope you like the suggestions.

The music may be used all year round, during Christmas and also New Years Eve. Keep in mind that musicians must practice and rehearse these songs throughout the year and vocals (i.e., the choir) must also memorize the lyrics and scores. Many Well Wishes Your Way.

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