Dboyf (deboeuf: pronunciation)

One of my aliases, is dboyf. David boy Flecha…boy perhaps from Tarzan the movie…actually not, I’d get online and then all of a sudden someone would address me as a female. Obviously, the person on the other side knew whom I was or was fetching at straws. I did feel like I was being ostracized or harassed for no reason at all. This was the first generation of online consumers mostly very nice, keen to talk with and very witty and funny. I don’t find it special nor interesting the confusion but kept changing my online nick (about 3 times) until I arrived at DboyF.

I had taken up French in college for fun (my social outlet), a mind elective besides chemistry or rather natural sciences being the major. So yah, all said and done this is the only nick that I’ve used for year. I moved away from it; I no longer had time for it anymore. I also needed a change, so I closed it down. Several family members passed away from cancer one right after the other. One of which had taught me to sign my name in cursive. We were both children and while I was not close with him, I’m now told he’s no longer living. To backtrack, into the signature thing, I was not done learning how to sign my name until, he approved that signature rather something or a feature that he liked. It certainly was not perfect, and he told me it would take years to perfect, and it did.

I did take some Spanish courses for fun. You know the normal business stuff. However, not sure the courses at the university level are of any value. They also didn’t recognize the advance nature of pretesting nor achieving advanced credit to perfection. Not saying I don’t talk Military Spanish eating up all the letters and consonants, I can fake that too temporarily. I would certainly derive at the conclusion after having learned Spanish in many ways in the community that university Spanish or math and assessment is a failure while forcedly applying the same rule to the masses across the world that are raised outside their own country. Lovely indecorous method of emblazoning and catapulting failure by the institution itself. How about just skip the university testing and look for the transcript, you’ll fail anyway so minus well fail the professorship with proof. Actually, I did have a great time with the Spanish and math in the same real as foreign languages. It was for fun anyway, or so most should dismiss the language, as funk.

This Spanish speaking thing gets worst. After hosting an enormous university many across the state with enormous Spanish departments what you get in the news are people that sound like they live inside a bubble, whiney, sound angry, threatening obnoxious, sound like pigs or forced winded. That’s a lot of issues with commercials and Spanish speaking media and none of it associated with social media. In other words, at the local level there are no voice training lessons nor voice modeling lessons etc., blah, blah despite all the promises of anyone can learn Spanish. What is that about? Are these like lost profits? I would think so to the tunes of billions over a 10-year period or 20-year period.

Le Bouef, I remembered and realized was a newspaper critic a long time ago, maybe started with editorials and then moved on to emblazoned star ratings on the doors of restaurants that claimed to be part of fine dining, culinary couture, gastronomy etc. You can read about him later. I do believe it was a series of critics using the name Le Bouef to provide food reviews and critique, maybe Michelin stars. That was a long time ago when marketing advertising often changed frequently.

This also means that stalking and predators are loose, about, engaged in feuding, invading local businesses and government to pretend a city or town is a place for a madrasa. Look up the definition. These few too pretend citizens are property of the church like South America, but while speaking full fledge English in their medieval ways.

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