BIR Butterfly Kisses Smoke Screen A Singular Journey

First and foremost, this is not about prophets. I think many lost their mind and became psychotic with Rent and The Lion King. Fiction is not about prophets. Fiction is fantasy. There’s nothing real about fantasy nor fiction. Same thing. However, fantasy too is used as a different category to classify the surreal like wizards etc. so don’t lose track of two different definition: one a category, the other meaning fiction/false. In both respects both are false. A witch, wizard, pixie nor elf is real: these are all creations of the minds of mankind from fairy tales also known as visuals or figments.

Fiction too is a creative category. While you may think it’s real, it’s not. We have many examples of fiction that appears to be real, but it’s all pretended and make believe. There are many novels you can pick from. For example, lets instead pick a song, perhaps the reason why you’re here: “Park Songs” also known as “Backyard,” or “Front Yard” songs. There’s nothing real about “Freedom” (G Michael), “My Humps” nor “Lollipop” (by A. Stan). I’m not getting surgery anytime soon, nor do most stars run out to get a surgical treatment. That’s not the case at all. A stagnant pool of water in “Me Voy A Quitar el Anillo” in a one-foot pool to pretend that’s artistic is quite far-fetched, a fregada. By that I mean, washup. A person learning English doesn’t dress like that (Lollipop) nor speak like that. It’s funny. Nor does anyone singing Spanish want to float in a pail of water then pretend Cuba is naked like the Princesa by the Parques de las Palomas, San Juan. The song is funny, there’s nothing real about it. It’s all a marketing venture, an ad and warning. This too can happen to you when you aspire to be Rich and Famous living it up with “Caviar Dreams.”

If you think it’s about prophets seek your madrasa and get therapy, there because so far what you may have instead is brainwashing or a psychiatric mental problem. To put it mildly, behavioral issues. Not sure which is best as a psychiatric condition. None may be able to pull you out of it. A psychiatrist may not be able to get you out of it. It may be a multiple personality you may need to reconciliate with the others to eventually get them to become one. Sure, even a whole group of people that bandwagon each and individually suffer from multiple personalities but it’s backwards. Sooner the group that bandwagons to seal the deal with reconcile as one in a group. That too is a breach of assembly and anti-constitutional, even when voting as one.

A breach of copyrights is still a federal crime. Drugs in your madrasa can only make it worst. You may have to go back to your psychiatrist with your rabi or preacher and get them help too.

That disclosed and prefaced, I can move on to the content of BIR Butterfly Kisses Smoke Screen A Singular Journey.

BIR is many things. I will refer to the novel from this point on as BIR.

It’s a story about the system rather than youth. It’s about one’s place in society. It’s a story about good over evil. It’s an Americana success story about the American Experience as social media would have it. Notice I didn’t say rags to riches. The plurality will not experience that as a shared fate and fantasy not even after learning and acquiring the meaning of the Latin expression “E Plurisbus Unum.” It’s about education, education law, social media, live streaming, media/communication, publishing law, technology, tech laws, engineering etc. At times perhaps vain, superficial, contrived, with artificial language, after all its Hollywood or Bust. Yah, that you’d think. However, that too is part of the American experience. It’s a story about nothing and about everything.

The novel also deals with a concept we all suffer from: recall and memory. You may not work in healthcare as a group and suffer miserably from memory loss: i.e., forget basic medical healthcare rules to pretend the flu is the criminal or the vaccine can fix it etc. You must constantly review old material (the proven tested, paved road), learn new material and glean from your own experiences while consulting with doctor specialists, constantly. Consulting has nothing to do with insurance. Consulting is more about double checking what you do, rather than double guessing. Both medical concepts and a basic road map on how to practice safe math or medicine.

In some respects, it does pay homage to those that have ” made it in America.” It pays homage to those whose lives have been changed by “industry.” Industry is another name for the performing arts or the huge machinery that has nothing to do with performing arts. It’s a phantom machinery.

The novel includes the history of technology, stories as analogies, poetry, media, journalism, law history, medical history, social media; the variables and factors Tommy the main character has to overcome while at the same time reaching his goals which are more local and more immediate than a university experience can ever promise. It’s not Tommy against the system.

I personally think it’s a wonderful book every professional should read, PI, law students & professors, engineers, history student, educators, everyone in healthcare etc. The paper back novel is about 300 pages in an 8″ X 11″ book. There are no illustrations. You do get the book cover which is an old poster perhaps from antiquity. I do exaggerate. For me the poster seems to have historical value. The Circa, Anno and Year, I wouldn’t know. I could only guess.

The livre de poche or pocketbook novel a 5 X 7″ paperback is about 772 pages. I do believe it’s easy reading for any age group. The suggested target group are Academic Scholarly professionals, however, any middle schooler or ESOL kid might read it with ease. I do try to use fancy words and frequently used idiomatic expressions some might call cliche, I call them reinforcing language, creating an ambiance and mood etc., etc. etc. Ad nauseum.

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