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I’d like to Welcome all: Bienvenidos, Bienvenu, Bienvenuti, Willkommen. The Leaf Rustles Butiq and website is dedicated to David Flecha author of Major Motion Pictures, Movies, Novels & Songs. Please take your time reading the biography it’s quite extensive. He is the best sold and most played author composer of our time. Included are “Audio” samples of his most recent works. You may listen to them at your convenience. The listen is free and at no cost to you. The audio is improvised and a commercial voice actor was not hired for the readings/recitals. While the material may be classified as a Novel, drama and fiction. It’s meant to be humorous and comical like all his material. Sure, take a listen to any of the songs or movies listed, it’s a laugh to be had and enjoyed.

I have included a Blogg section as you can see. Do read it. Please respond, be my guest. There may still be grammatical mistakes or awkward language that I will correct as time permits. Sure, I drop my fingers on the keyboard and start typing blind because that’s how I was trained to engage with the dinosaur endeavor. Also, social media is quite permissive, not like writing a book nor novel; it’s more like rapping a song for friends. All they’d like is the rhyme, knocking noises, the story and the cacophony or alegrias that ensue. I’m thoroughly convinced as I stumble through the grammar often times. It’s quite fun too. “Juice says gwat in inglish?” I do now find Spanish more difficult and French even more challenging. I’m getting there. It’s all the dramatic details that an audience might demand that creates a haze over the machinery we call Iron Metal technology. That was wireless, so none will convince me after all the batteries all the gadgets at home consume, that an old iron typewriter is not more technology than the PC. We also have some really nice one’s I’ve been perusing through as I shop online. We didn’t even need to plug that in nor recharge the thing. I do think it had to be wound up like an old Coach Automobile that jumped several times before creating a clickity clack racket, obviously on TV in BW since I was not there. Yah, that’s how the story goes.

For your convenience all products will be provided ONLY as digital products. Digital tech saves everyone time and money. Why would I save time and money when buying a momento? Media in print, is usually a momento. Technology doesn’t understand media in print, I suppose. No, a momento doesn’t take up space, a souvenir never takes up space.

All products are, consequently, available as digital products with the exception of Zodiac Asteroid that will be sold only pre-order for now; it needs to be completed and finished (May – July 2023). Any novel that is labelled in Spanish or French (a working organic translation of BIR: Butterfly Kisses Smokes Screen a Singular Journey) will not be available until: Spanish (Oct. 2023) and French (2024). The Spanish or French Novel translation is made available as a Pre-Order.

Not a Bootcamp, Now Available. The latest endeavor in weight loss, nutrition and fitness. The goal is to address nutrition misconception. Errors often made by the community or rather establishment, if there’s such a thing. Yes, I gained weight without a clue. For now, let say I read labels and when it comes to fads, I’m not so gullible; had no idea why I gained weight and became exercise resistant. Any errors in this little venture, please let me know right away. Self-publishing can be tiring and taxing. This too is a feat, a nutritional reminder for anyone aspiring to weight loss, nutrition and gastronomy. It does include a basic nutrition crash course throughout the book, to get you started. Included, are my takes on the industry, all of them very positive, how I prime, routines anyone can follow at the gym, in a workout class or at home alone. I am middle age, so it is very important to me, to introduce the industry to beginners, the middle aged or those looking for a different method. I do hope you find several things you might use as basic knowledge. Everything I do is very affordable, doesn’t really cost more, and are often basic items you might find at home any. There are training routines that are internationally renown in dance and rehabilitation and recognized by the Olympics.

I hope you enjoy the Leaf Rustles Butiq. Have a Happy New Years, 2 months have almost passed us buy. Happy Belated Valentines to you and yours. Yes, it’s gorgeous to be single or coupled.

David Flecha

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