Sotry Saga

To continue the sotry, aka story, there is a lesson to be learned and too bad it’s not by civilians as opposed to functionaries which often take their liberties and vestitudes to misrepresent the law, jurisprudence, the court, local area, healthcare, region at any government level in the nation or nongovernment. These only represent fairy powers that be when pretending to work for government at local level, state or nationally. All the while ignoring the fate of the lay, the premise: these functionaries must practice privately, respectfully, honestly, ethically to say the least and within the jurisdiction of their job description, post/job and specialty that aligns with their corresponding experience, degree and training or lack off/the marsupials (often grandfathered into a system or the Non savants grasping at straws). Notice, honorably (an outlook), still predisposes, supposes and implies Fairy Powers. I refuse to project that image to a stranger that is psychotic to pretend government can pay their bills. So, fact of the matter, the last 30 plus years have brought the US a lot of quacks, rollos. I am talking about those exceptions that think to practice fairy powers with sprinkles, glimmer (their badge and badger) and dust fairly at any level. When functionaries practice Fairy Powers, then the lay can practice IMPs and Pixies.

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