Sorry, not Sorry, Nature Happens

The book Bir also deals with simple things like healthcare as technology, by that I mean the process of healthcare as recommended in general for the masses. Marketing, social media, Makeup, Journalism, Nuclear War, Unions, Performing Arts, Music and Advertising as technology: even fabric as technology. Fasten your seatbelts, it will be a funny moment, a hot moment, a faux pas or ingeniously genius. It is not an anthropological profile at all. The rating for the book is G: General Audience. I don’t think it’s PG at all. The language for enrichment too with some ornate language or words you hate to use in real life.

When we neglect vocabulary in real life, I do exaggerate, we lose the capacity to have our skin crawl or develop goosebumps and even experience phantom limb syndromes, an obvious handicap and incapacity for our limb, Mr. Arm to reach out and scratch our scalp in wonder and awe as to what one simple word can do to stimulate and activate the brain. The scratch, a complex leading star or Simion cell, quite stimulating the word. Less stimulating is living in a pyramid. I don’t think you’ll need a dictionary. Ok, I use the thesaurus and dictionary all the time. While you’re at it, fetch the American Idiomatic Expression book and the French Idiomatic book. Hyperboles, I do enjoy. I don’t think you’ll need those today with digital books that connect to the internet or keep an internal dictionary.

Bir is followed by a non-Sequel, titled “Zodiac Asteroid, A Constellation” an American Essay: to be released October 2023.

The Spanish translation for Bir, will not be released at this moment due to Hurricane Ian, it’s taken a good 2 to 3 months for things to feel safe in SW Florida. By that I mean, the ground feels like a blender all day long. It may be till October 2023.

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