My Bouquet of Flowers

With the book and its re-release, you’ll find that none of these topics are touched upon. The book is nonchalant, blasé, savoire faire (trust me it’s not about that either, but hopefully you acquire some joie de vivre), very positive and go getter. However, all books are provided with a setting, in this case your own basket case of local and domestic tranquility, incredulity but that is the setting in a different respect because we don’t deal with the news necessarily. We’d rather deal with technology in this canker, eyesore or bouquet of flowers. I’m going with bouquet since I do touch upon the weather which I consider quite mystical profession a profession for the Non savants. They finally get a job given reliability, hair (wardrobe and makeup), predictability and lost interpretations or interpolations. That is the objective for Fortune Tellers too. If you want the news, then grab the tabloids, newspaper and catch it there instead. I certainly did when it was affordable. Today for a well bound pack (since you want to share with your friends like the book club or the daytime talk show), full of bad news, with a great color print cover, a well-known model and maybe some good news you may need to pay 15$ for your own little private gate to hell or the tabloid’s interpretation of it. Auguste Rodin, my man! That new magazine at 15$ doesn’t even include Office Exercise Routines. The newspaper, magazine or tabloids could be fattening and cause weight gain issues or worst, unintended weight loss. Yes, BIR, too includes the news, what shows up on TV and some pertinent facts you may need to research on your own; you’ll only be provided with a description of the news in the interrogative and “What in the world is going on today in the news?” Awl, did I really need the news today.

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