Most ideas and concepts are not immediate. Some think because one thinks in the here and now, sur place, en situ, instantaneously that ideas are trivial, vain, of no consequence, consequentially irrelevant to work ethic etc. You also may suffer from a mental disease. Please seek mental health services and help yourself to them, because experiences are very complex and not to be taken lightly. Sure, some will have author composers brushed off as in consequential, award shows do that and the Hollywood Walk of Fame to pretend the leading star or movie is the gig. Not without the author composer and not without the song. Doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, band or musician. Others may, retort and respond, it’s the screen writers take; not really, the screen writer seeks jobs from authorship hence the screenwriter doesn’t provide his own interpretation nor insight; he’s like an interior decorator (who’s being paid and all the tools are practically provided for the specific gig); he’s just not the house nor the resort nor the nation, but the components of the interior design may add to the design; designing doesn’t make you the construction company nor the manufacturer nor the logo. This are all different aspect of industry that does not prove authorship. In this case with a song or book authorship the tools are provided and screeching, hailing and wailing the tune anyone can do. Even so, it’s still not the people that live inside the home, nor the neighborhood etc., nor the setting nor the content. The content doesn’t belong to the screen writer, it is property of the author. Just to clear the air. With songs, some predispose themselves to think it’s the orchestra that does the job, not with the lyrics. That’s already provided to you and there’s not much of a tune you need to figure out when you scream your head off or blair in Un accord all the instrument in organized chaos. Any author can choose to write his own scores so a maestro composer for an orchestra is never needed. That’s the exception to the rule. While the orchestra is important, the delivery and content is only provided by the author composer of the song which includes the codified scores written using the alphabet or Latin Alphabet. The Latin Alphabet is a codification method. Consequently, translating from 26 letters from the Latin Alphabet to the 7 Letter Method called the Music Alphabet even children can do. A maestro only leads his own orchestra that his job description and most have never composed a song and work. Other people’s materials, the author composers work doesn’t belong the Maestro. The maestro and orchestra leader speaks Tarzan and wails. But never the Latin Alphabet. In fact, Tarzans lines and wails were never written in musical scores, the 7-letter alphabet A-G.

PS: David Flecha is also the author of Team America, “The Lion King (this too includes the animation, play and costume direction/designer for play)” and the theme song “The Circle of Life.”

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