Let’s make this quite simple, the music alphabet doesn’t’ contain enough letters. What you get is actually a handicap. Next, each syllable or phoneme has a score that goes unwritten (really, it’s visibly written using the Alphabet a different codification method) since we use the English Alphabet that includes more sounds, codes and code combinations; essentially more letters, letter combination, and their variations lead to endless permutations when compared to limited music scores with 7 to 10 letters and codes. The scores were provided using the alphabet. I didn’t think we had an idiot working for the US Government but apparently, we do. Not sure why this person is working in media and communications and why pretend to brush off information regarded as irrelevant knowledge. The question now stands, why is anyone that doesn’t’ understand language working inside a government office…aw’fisz? So’duh, we ain’t in the USA.

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