Brmbrmba, Oie Vey. Gimme A Break, La Barbe!

I do love music, dance, choreography. That you already know if you follow me on Tik Tok, Instagram or Twitter. I decided completely against anything that contains music for now. It’s quite trivial for most that someone can author (write & compose a song); however, songs can be used as torcher to terrorize the author composer with over play and to haunt them like a Christmas Carol etc., blah, blah. “Idle minds, the work of the devil.” This is a quote for a reason. If you’re repetitively doing something repeatedly then you may need to seek mental health services. Also keep in mind, the over play none pay for. This means many things like how to disenfranchise many industries, the author composer, the DJ industry, the listeners, and most importantly your own wages. If you’re a DJ please respond. I’d like to hear why and for what reasons I need to listen to the same song replay for more than several hours a day. If you’re into commercial programming, not only are you engaged in trading, not only underground trading, but you’re also disenfranchising all starter businesses, all businesses in fact and not only that engaged in hoarding, brainwashing and sending out scores of subliminal messages or not so subliminal. All of these may lead you to the penitentiary. Over Play of Music or any given Commercial, the over play disenfranchises all other author composers of music, the directors/producers, the actors and the commercial industry. It disenfranchises most businesses that are not being advertised at all nor equally nor fairly advertised at the same frequency. Trading and underground trading is a federal crime.

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