Phantoms, Don’t Live in this Universe

Essentially, when a director and a producer take to creating a film, they’re not the author nor the owner of the film. The film belongs to the author. Doesn’t matter what anyone wants. The film’s owner is the author. Same with the song. Sure, I spoke with a con working for the US Government, his/her claim was that, since the songs scores were not written by the author, the person speaking is a con I say to myself now working for the USA and not very interesting, then the song would belong to a maestro working in an orchestra. Songs don’t need scores at all, all they need are players to read the lyrics since words come with their own sounds, intonation easily readable with the spoken word by any novice, good or expert musician, instrument player aka musician. And the con thinks to pass this before me and a general public (as a government employee). A song writer is not an author. Are authors, authors? Do I include the upside interrogative or question mark when submitting work? Did the player invent the game, in this case a sports athlete? I don’t think so. And the player didn’t even invent the rules handed down and passed down to them and every generation. Why didn’t you accept the rules handed down nor read them. This person, the government employee is well versed in criminal rhetoric. Is the maestro literate? Are you literate? Yes, words have sounds, and those sounds didn’t come with a score when placed on paper. The scores are now irrelevant as would be the maestro or whomever thinks they will possess like a phantom the song. Be it the orchestra maestro or the singer. Well, in that regard, most songs are not written in the Alamo’s basement nor the Garnier Opera’s basement. In either case, neither has a basement nor a living phantom. The con, working for the US Government doesn’t understand language, grammar, phonology, phonetics, linguistics, phonemes etc. Nice try though. Good luck to you Mr. Con Lawyer, lawyer you ain’t and a speaker of any language you isn’t. This issue with the con, happened 2 years after another work had been already finished for almost a year and other works were being edited and soon published by the author himself. Thank goodness for nongovernment entities that are private for obvious reasons that are user friendly, less expensive, less intrusive and whose goal is not to lynch or play fishing for psoars, equated to dinosaurs with wings. That’s a hard fall even with naturally well natured Avi culture.

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